Monday, 18 September 2017

Cornwall: Sypes Wins Rack-M-Up Summer Series Finale

Sypes in disbelief with his big win

By: Markus Noé

On Saturday September 16 Rack-M-Up Billiards in Cornwall, Ontario held the Grand Finale of the Summer Series. 28 players qualified for this handicap AAA and under event, and every single one of them showed up to the Finale. The tournament prize pool was a hefty $2300 as some money from each qualifier was held back for the season ending tournament. Being that this is a handicap event there was many players who had a legitimate chance of winning. I had it between 8-10 real contenders and of course there is always a chance for a few surprises along the way.

Because of the amount of players who had a chance of winning the Calcutta was a great success as it went up to $2100. Some of the tournament favourites met up early on and knocked each other to the one loss side. Justin Miller, Jody Roy, Platon Liolios all suffered early defeats and hurt their chances.

The top three in this tournament as is the norm in these handicap events were all players who play strong for their rating. Mike Mitchell placed third losing to Charles Sypes in the losers side final. Mitchell had a good season has he won one of the qualifiers. Jason Hall who knocked myself to the one loss side convincingly 7-3 went undefeated to the final.

 The last match ended up being a thrill for the spectators to watch as it went down to the wire. Sypes edged out the always hard to beat Hall 7-6 to become the 4th Annual Summer Series Grande Finale Champion! Congratulations to all the winners. Honorable mentions go to Joe Herne and Loreen Toutant both on the lower end of the handicaps who matches up against some very good players and got some big wins. This allowed them to break through the field and both had impressive finishes.

Runner-up Jay Hall 
I would like to thank Doug Disotell who organized the entire season and was the tournament director for each event.He runs a very organized tournament and does not waste time between matches as all these tournaments no matter the seize of the field ended in a timely manner. Disotell also deserves some praise as when the season started the qualifiers were set at 16 Max. However there was so much interests in the circuit that he had to bump it to 24 player Max and almost all the events completely filled. Disotell would like to thank his wife Amanda Collins and their parents Mike and Joan Collins as well as Barb and Clayton Disotell for taking care of the family while he has to work.

It is now time for the fall leagues to begin, there are leagues for seniors during the day and several leagues for all classes during the evenings. Contact Doug Disotell @ 613-933-9362 for more details.


Finishing from 25-32 : Ryan McLaurin, Greg Cole, Robert Labelle and Sandra Mackay.
In order from 17-24 : Leon Cook Jr, Eric Mallet, Matt Cook, Randy O'Byrne, Clayton Disotell, Josh Levac, Amanda Collins, Cullen Arihote,
13- 16. Platon Liolios, Jeff Flemming, Doug Jacobs, Mitch Lappierre.

9-12th : Justin Miller, Mark Roy, Walter Szydlowski, Markus Noe. 
7-8 : Jody Roy $50.00
7-8 : Loreen Toutant $50.00
5-6 : Joe Herne $100.00
5-6 Jacque Sauve $100.00
4th Mathew Pawis $200.00 plus $210.00 Calcutta
3rd Mike Mitchell $300.00 plus $420.00 Calcutta
2nd Jay Hall $575.00 plus $630.00 Calcutta
1ST Charles Sypes $1000.00 plus $840.00 Calcutta

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