Tuesday, 5 September 2017

$10,000 Added Archer Cup Announced!

By: Markus Noé

Marco Sanschargrin and the Eventime Productions team are at it again with another big event. By now many of you would have heard of their work with the Classic Billard Appalaches, the Canadian Championships and the two previous Archer Cups. Eventime Productions has earned reputation for having world class events that have attracted players such as Mika Immonen, Thorsten Hohmann, John Morra,Alex Pagulayan, Jayson Shaw and many more.

Johnny Archer 
Last week the long anticipated announcement for the 3rd Annual 10 Ball Archer Cup was made. The previous two winners of this event are Thorsten Hohmann and Alex Pagulayan. The dates for this years event are September 30th to Oct 1st. The $10,000 added is based on 32 player field, and the prize pool on the poster is guaranteed for a 64 player field.

John Morra 

This years tournament will be held on a military base in St-Jean-sur-le-Richilieu which is just east of Montreal, Quebec. The Archer Cup should be well attended as their is enough Semi-Pro and Professional Talent in Quebec alone to get a good field not to mention the benefit of a staggered entry with group stages that guarantees 4 matches. Another plus for the amateur players looking to take a step up in competition is that their is a second chance $500 prize pool tournament on day two for those that did not qualify.

Rooms directly on the base can be reserved for as little as $65 a night, there is also a $30 a day meal plan. For questions please see the posters for contact info or message Marco Sanschagrin through Facebook.
Here is the link yo sign up https://shop.eventime.ca/

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