Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Results from ADBQ Junior Tournament

By: Luc Paquette 
Last Saturday April 18, the second edition of the juniors tournaments from the L'Agence de développement du billard au Québec (A.D.B.Q) took place at La bande au coin in St-Lambert, Québec. There will be 12 of these tournaments divided up over three venues; Billiard Loretteville, Academie de Billard Sylvain Grenier. With the Québec provincials acting as a finale there will be 13 tournaments in total for the juniors to play. 
15 players attended the event split in two different ages categories. Eight players played in the 13 years old and less event, while seven battled in the 14-17 division.
Nine year old Michael Morin went undefeated to win the event, defeating Laurence Grenier the daughter of Trois Rivieres Professional Sylvain Grenier in the finals. Grenier had just defeated Malik Pelletier son of another Québec pro Andre Pelletier, in the semi finals.
When questioned about his strategy on the air of, Morin told us he planned to beat his opponents by three fouling.  During the winners side final he accomplished his goal by winning a key rack by three fouling Pelletier.
In the 14-17 category it was Laurier Duchaine who ended up victorious. Duchaine who has not played for almost 5 years, defeated Adam Barro in the final. Duchaine had finished third at La Classique des Appalaches in 2011.
Medals were given to the first two players in 13-,while top 4 in 14-17 got medals

Michael Morin                                  Laurier Duchaine
Laurence Grenier                             Adam Barro
                                                            William Harrison
                                                            Mattias Dagenais
These players all qualified for the provincial championship in November 2015. Since Barro had already qualified in the first tournament, Tommy Downey who finished 5th was awarded the pass for the provincial.
The third tournament will be held in Loretteville, Quebec on May 16. For any information contact the website For photos of the entire event including the winners please visit 

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