Monday, 6 April 2015

Bryant Wins Canadian 9 Ball Championship

Photo courtesy of  Upsate Al
By: Markus Noé

This past Saturday saw the completion of the 2015 Canadian Championships. In the Women's 9 Ball division Brittany Bryant was looking to secure herself a World Championship spot as Naomi Williams secured hers in the 10 Ball. With only 8 players in the field once again Bryant and Williams were big favourites to meet in the finals of this event.

However this years 9 Ball event opened up for the rest of the field because of Williams early exit. She lost 9-4 to Alberta's Joanne Ashton and followed that up with a loss to Maureen Seto from Ontario 9-5. This guaranteed there would be no Williams/Bryant final which we have all been accustomed to.

Meanwhile on the other side of the bracket Bryant remained her dominate self. She marched to a consecutive final at this years Canadian Championships with scores of 9-3, 9-5 and 9-3. With Williams out of the picture it appeared as Bryant would run away with this title and add it to her already impressive collection.

However in the final Kayla Jones from Ontario was determined to capture this Canadian title for herself. Jones lead early and built on it eventually going up 8-4 in a race to 11. Going down multiple games like this is never easy, and in alternate break format if your opponent breaks well it is almost impossible to come back.

Bryant being the road warrior she is dug in. She tapped in to her ample experience of travelling all over the world and playing the worlds best and began to charge back. In fact Jones never won another game once the tide began to turn as Bryant went on to win 11-8. The payouts have not been made available to me yet but I would imagine that with only two extra players in this event, it would be similar to the 10 Ball payout. Which was a World Championship spot for first and $475 to second place. Congrats to Bryant and Williams for securing themselves World Championship spots.

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