Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Result From the King of the Hill Bar Box Tournament

By: Erik Hjorleifson

This weekend at Petrinas Billiards in Ajax, Ontario hosted a no handicap bar table 8 ball tournament. All players raced to 5 on both sides and B.C.A rules were in play. This tournament called the "King of the Hill" was a spin off to a tournament that ran with a similar format in Orangeville, Ontario in the 2000's. This was a very successful tournament for many years drawing over 100 players, the Petrina's version drew 28 players. Notable entrants along with myself included Brian Belobradic, Mike Patay, Wayne Tate, Justin Kluznik and Al porter among many others.

I started this day with a tough match against Mike Patay which could have gone either way, I got by with a 5-3 victory. From there I  defeated Martin Yacobazzo and Al Porter on my way to the winners side semi finals. On the same half of the draw bar table veteran Brian Belobradic advanced to  play me  with wins over Grace Nakamura, Dan Sears and Jago Raghoo. Advancing undefeated on the top half of the draw were Justin Kluznik with a notable win against Colin Kerr 5-2 and Alfonso Chiong advanced after a 5-4 win against George Cornelius.

In the winners side semi finals Brian Belobradic had a strong match defeating beating me 5-1 and Alfonso Chiong played very well against Justin Kluznik to advance with a 5-1 score line as well. Chiong then went on to defeat Belobradic in the winners side final, he is a player that is maybe a little lesser known to some in the Toronto billiard community so I might be the first to tell you that he can really play, especially on the bar table.

The rest of the field battled it out through the losers side to set up matches between myself and Wayne Dwyer and Jago Raghoo and Justin Kluznik. Dwyer was able to pull off an impressive upset  after an early scratch on the 8 in our set kudos to Wayne for a well played tournament. Raghoo also pulled off a slight upset against Justin Kluznik, one of the top players in Ontario, moving on with a 5-2 to victory. Raghoo then went on to defeat Dwyer in the fourth place match, his run was ended eventually in the third place match by Brian Belobradic.

The final was a true double elimination format which meant that Belobradic had to beat Chiong twice. Belobradic won the first set 5-4 and at 4-3 after snookering himself on the last ball before the 8 he pulled off the shot of the tournament pulling a masse kick with position on the 8! He then went on to break and run the final rack for the 5-4 victory, congratulations to Brian.

Owner Frank Kakouros has made some great improvements in his event hosting over the past two years, he is holding a weekly tournament on Fridays that is drawing 40 players and currently has a waiting list. He has also jumped on board with the Four Points Tour and currently has 8 events scheduled for the 2014-2015 season. Petrina's has also been promoting many successful league events on the bar tables which fill up quickly and have been boasting some impressive payouts. All the tournaments are run on a laptop and the draw is projected on the big screen tv's at the room. Frank has been a big supporter of Cue Sport Nation from the beginning and we would like to thank him for his involvement. The next tournament at Petrina's is on Halloween night and it will be a $500 first prize event, you can keep up to date with all of the tournaments at Petrina's on their Facebook Page.

Alfonso Chiong and Brian Belobradic


1st Brian Belobradic – $800 + $880 Calcutta

2nd Alfonso Chiong – $500 + $450 Calcutta

3rd Jago Raghoo – $350 + $270 Calcutta

4th Wayne Dwyer – $250 + $180.00

5th Erik Hjorleifson – $100

6th Justin Kluznik – $100

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