Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Eastern Canadian Barbox Championships Nov 7-9

By: Markus Noé

It is official, the Eastern Ontario Bar Box Championships has become an annual event. Once again Tailgaters located in Ottawa, Ontario will be hosting this event, which saw top tier players like John & Mario Morra along with Erik Hjorleifson in the field last year.

Originally in September when first word of this tournament came out, there was going to be a separate Professional division. This was playing off the recent success of the 8 man $300 dollar entry Pro event held at Tailgators in August dubbed the Summer Shoot Out. The thought was to have an even bigger event during this years edition as it was to be a 16 player Pro event with a $500 entry and a first place prize of $5000. 

Unfortunately due to conflicting schedules for many of the players interested in this event, it would have been impossible to fill. Thus the event has pivoted backed to its original format of last year. Which will be an open 128 player handicapped event, with $2000 added based on a full field. The handicaps will vary from 4-8 with players playing to their number. Along with the handicaps the entry fee's are staggered, meaning a "4" would pay $40 and an 8 pay $80.

The bar box tournament format has become popular as of late because many feel the small tables with big pockets is a great equalizer of sorts.This a great event for all as advanced players have a great chance in these short handicapped races and for beginner players it is a  cheap way to play a world class professional like Erik Hjorleifson who has already confirmed.

Play begins Friday November 7, contact Curtis Houlden at to have any questions answered. Online registration has begun on the Tailgators website, don't get left out and sign up today. Also for Cue Sport Nation supporters, this will be one of the rare occasions to meet both Erik and myself, as I live in Cornwall, Ontario and Erik in Scarbourough. If interested in becoming an advertiser or if you simply want to meet us and talk pool we will be at Tailgators for the entire event and welcome you to drop by.  

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