Sunday, 4 June 2017

Canadian Championship Results: Women's Open, Straight Pool, 1 Pocket, Banks, Juniors & Amateur

By: Erik Hjorleifson

This past week saw the annual Canadian Championships take place in Thetford Mines, Quebec. Cue Sport Nation wrote a summary article of the men's division results and you can see that article on our site In addition to the men's division the Women were also in action in 9 ball and ten ball. This year saw the return of the 8 ball divsion as well as there will be a Women's world 8 ball championships in China for the first time in several years.

The perennial favorites in all women's divisions have been Naomi Williams and Brittany Bryant for the last half decade. Both of these champions were registered in all divisions this year along with Veronique Menard from Quebec who played in the 8 ball and 9 ball, Angela Belding and Janet Ritcey held up the hopes for the east coast. Maureen Seto and Denise Belanger from Ontario as well as Joanne Ashton from Alberta did not make the trip this year leaving the coast pretty clear for the top three favorites.

Here are some highlight scores from the women's events

Women's 8 Ball Champ trying out the famous soundproof headphones of Alain Martel

8 ball

Winners side semi finals 

Naomi Williams 9 Brittany Bryant 8
Losers side final 

Veronique Menard 9 Brittany Bryant 8

Naomi Williams 11 Veronique Menard 2

Women's 9 and 10 Ball Champion Brittany Bryant
9 ball 
Veronique Menard defeated both Naomi Williams and Brittany Bryant on her way to winning the A side. She is always a threat each year at the Canadians and this year was no different. It was already clear she is in form as she as a win earlier this year in Sacramento. Full Story Here 

Losers side final Brittany Bryant 9 Naomi Williams 8
Final Brittany Bryant 11 Veronique Menard 4

10 Ball 

Brittany Bryant won the winners side defeating Naomi Williams along the way
Losers side final Naomi Williams 10 Janet Ritcey 7
Final Brittany Bryant 13 Naomi Williams 10

Congratualtions to Naomi and Brittany who will be representing Canada at the world championships in 2017.

For the first time in history the Canadian Championships included some secondary tournaments which went over very well. Some of the players that were in deep in the main tournaments did not participate in these tournaments but they were definitely a nice addition to fill time between events.

Greg Plester with Canadian Straight, Banks and 1 Pocket Champion Alain Martel

The straight pool was quite competitive with Alain Martel and Francis Crevier facing off in the finals, Martel opened up with a 50 ball run but Crevier respeonded with a 77 ball run, Martel was able to get over the finish line first with a well deserved win. 

Martel also won the one pocket and bank pool divisions. Currently Canada's most experienced and arguably most knowledgeable player Martel definitely served notice as one of Canada's best all around players. He also had top four finishes in the 9 ball and ten ball divisions, quite an impressive resume for the week. 
Canadian Speed Pool Champion Luc Salvas . Photo by Guy Simard of Billard Quebec.

Luc Salvas 3 time World Speed Pool Champion as expected won the speed pool division. I gave him my best shot you can see the entire final on our YouTube page. please take the time to like our videos and subscribe !

Other Results 

Amateur 8 ball

Rod Arsenault
1st Rod Arsenault
2nd Paul Duell
3rd Stefane Godhino
4th Renee Brind'Amour

Paul Deull with Sumon Sakar
Amateur 9 ball

1st Paul Duell
2nd Sumon Sarkar
3rd Shane Gummerson
4th Renee Brind'Amour

Juniors 17 and under 
1st Dean Cuillerier 
2nd Brenden Croft

Juniors 19 and under
1st Nicolas Carinci
2nd William Meloche
 Congratulations to the juniors who qualified for the world Championships

Amateur Women's 8 Ball Champion

Lynette Valencia

Women's Amateur 9 Ball Champion

Marie France Blanchette

In Closing I would like to congratulate Eventime Promotions and the CBSA for possibly the most successful Canadian championships in the last decade and I am personally very pleased to see the game going in the right direction in Canada.


  1. amateur women's 8 ball champion is Lynnette Valencia (Ontario) and amateur 9 ball champion is Marie-France Blanchette (Quebec)

  2. Thx Loreen not sure how we missed that. Sorry to the two Champs we have fixed it now :)