Sunday, 6 March 2016

Falcon Cues Québec Pro Tour Season Finale Announced

By: Markus Noé

The first weekend of April Dooly's St- Hyacinthe will host the Grand Final of the newly formed Falcon Cues Québec Pro Tour. This has been the first Pro tour in Canada in nearly a decade and it has been a great success, with stops all over Québec and Eastern Canada. It has been so successful in fact that the owners of the Corner Bank in Scarborough Ontario has formed a similar tour.

Dooly's St-Hyacinthe is located about 30 minutes east  of Montreal and boasts some of the best conditions I have seen. The field is open to all players even if you have not competed on the circuit, there is an extra charge for circuit registration please revert to the poster above. The organizers Danny Hewitt and Alain Parent  have made it easy for amateur players to participate as well. There is staggered entree fee's for Pro, Semi-Pros, AAA and under as well as a second chance tournaments for all players AAA and below on Day 2. The entry for this tournament is $30 the races are to 3 and the format is double elimination with $1000 added. Generally the top 5 players get paid with $500 going to the winner.

I recently spoke with Parent and he informed me that all the money collected via circuit fee's will be added to the pot. Meaning all the money left over from promotion and other "start up" costs. as this is their inaugural season. This is a breath of fresh air as most circuits claims the extra money as "administration" fee's and players often never see that money again.

A good chunk of the best players in the nation will be attendance as the success of the tour and the added money has gotten their attention. The usual Québec top players will be in attendance such as Danny Hewitt, Alain Martel, Martin Daigle, and Sylvain Grenier. From Ontario the #1 Canadian player John Morra along with his father Mario have also confirmed.

Other big names who the organizers are trying to attract are the two most recent Turning Stone Finalist Mika Immonen and Erik Hjorleifson. Also Thorsten Hohmann has been contacted, each of these players have said "maybe" so it looks like fans and players who are eliminated early will be treated to some world class pool.

Word of interest has been sent from out west as one of last years Canadian representatives at the World Championship Shannon Ducharme, could fly from Winnipeg. From the east coast Chris Dempsey, Kyle Richards and Colin Maloney have also expressed their desire to come to this event. The field is limited to the first 64 players registered, it will be treated on a first come first serve basis. With a 64 player field the total prize pool will be over $10,000 For more information you can contact Alain Parent through Facebook or visit the Falcon Cue Quebec Pro Tour page.   There will be at least one member of Cue Sport Nation there as I will be in attendance to play and cover the tournament. Hopefully by then we will have our Polo shirts available so make sure to contact me to make your order. Look forward to seeing you all there. 

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