Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Cue Sport Nation Welcomes New Sponsor

By: Markus Noé

For those regulars to our website you may have noticed a few changes within the last week. The most obvious would be that our newest and biggest sponsor to date has launched their Ad. Pool Elite 3D by Lokum Games  has purchased all of our banner space on each section of our website as well as a small ad on our homepage.

This is a fairly new game and already it is considered the best Billiard related game on the market by many, and I believe it is one of the only 3D billiard game on Facebook. Pool Elite 3D has catered to all cue sports as you can play pool, billiards or even snooker in a clean and smooth animated environment. Which is so realistic you can forget that you are playing on your computer.

I welcome everyone to go to Pool Elite Facebook page to download the app. Also for those supporters of Cue Sport Nation there really is no better way to support us then by visiting our sponsors and in this case downloading and playing the App. As this will give them incentive to continue to support us so we can continue our goal to grow the sport.

The next big event that I will be attempting to go to is the Turning Stone Classic August 20-23. This event is an extension of the Joss North East tour it is played twice a year and is one of the biggest events in North America outside the U.S Open. I am currently looking for sponsors to help me cover the expenses involved with travelling. I live 3 hours away from Turning Stone and I am looking for help to cover the cost of driving and hotel, there are lots of angles that can be worked out for potential sponsors and I would be happy discuss any of them. If this interests you I can be contacted at markus.noe@live.com. I would like to thank Pool Elite 3D along with all our valued sponsors for their continued support.

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