Tuesday, 10 February 2015

"Drillbit" Strikes Again!

By: Markus Noé

This past Saturday Feb 7 many of the top AA and AAA players from Montreal traveled a few hours east to clash with the top players in the same divisions from Québec City. The pool hall for this event was Tapis-Vert in Saint-Foy just west of Quebec City. David"Drillbit" Deschenes a AAA on his way to Semi-Pro ranking was fresh off his win a few weeks back in Valleyfield QC, and was looking for a repeat performance.

Deschenes has been known in the Quebec region for some time now for his fearless style of play and willingness to gamble anyone. In fact recently he has taking his love for "action" and created Hustlinstream.TV where he streams money matches from B class players right through to the top players in Quebec.

The last few times that I have run into Drillbit he has been playing with a bit of a chip on his shoulder. He has been a victim of his own success, as he has a history of gambling players with higher ranking than him and he has come out on top more often then not. In the pool world compliments are hard to come by, so instead of celebrating his success many "railbirds" have suggested that he has been purposely losing tournaments in order to keep his ranking down and to get better gambling odds.

Insulted by this, Drillbit has played with a new found purpose and has dominated the last three AAA tournaments. Once again he went undefeated in Sainte-Foy to claim the 1,500 top prize. The payouts for this event were a lot stronger then most tournaments we see. This is because the pool hall added 500$ themselves and they are not taking green fees,paying into a federation or adding money to a final, all the money from the $100 entries went directly to the players.

The next gambling match that Deschenes will be apart of is coming up soon against Marc Dumoulin, who just won the first 4 Points Tour stop at the Corner Bank in Toronto. The feature match on this card will be later in the day as Martin "The Grinder" Daigle will face off against Alain "The Dancing Bear" Martel.


1- David Deschênes 1200$
2- Jeff Tremblay 900$
3- Pat Desbiens 600$
4- Joey Cicero 400$
5/6- Pierre Thériault 250$
5/6- Serge Therrien 250$
7/8- Germain Roussin 150$
7/8- Eric Tremblay 150$

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