Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Desbiens/Deschenes 3 peat at Scotch Doubles Tournament

By: Markus Noé

Once again Dooly's St. Hyacinthe was the place to be January 2-3 as they hosted two well attended scotch doubles events. In recent years whenever the Québec Federation goes on a break for holidays and during summer layoff, the owners of this location step up to the fill the void by hosting their own tournaments. Because of the great playing conditions and player friendly environment Dooly's St. Hyacinthe has become a favourite stop.

The weekend started off with a 37 team 4A event, the requirements being that the combined ranking of any team cannot exceed 4A. Meaning that two "AA" can play together or an "A" with a "AAA".  After a full day of play the final came down to Joey Cicero/Michel Paré vs Roger Theriault/Pat Desbiens. It was a tightly contested affair with the team of Cicero/Paré winning 7-5 and collecting $2050 for their troubles and the runner up making $1300.

Winners of the 4A Cicero and Paré
The next day featured the 6A event meaning that two "AAA" could play together or a Semi-Pro with an "A" player. 26 teams participated all with the intentions of dethroning the 2 time defending champions of this event, Pat Desbiens/David Deschenes.

The duo were going to have to fight hard in order to secure a 3-peat as many of the top professional players were in this event such as Danny Hewitt, Martin Lalonde, Martin Daigle.  In the third round Desbiens/Deschenes faced some adversary as they were down 5-1 in a race to 9 against Marco Caron and Mehdi Harraq. They showed a lot of heart coming back to win 9-8. From there they marched into the winners side final where they met up with Danny Hewitt/Roger Theriault. Desbiens/Deschenes ended up winning this match and the rematch later on in the final to secure their 3-peat. The winners split $2000 while the runner up split $1390.

6A Winners Pat Desbiens & David Deschenes 

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